Sunday 2 August 2015

Canoeing on the Dordogne, France

At Gluges, you can hire a canoe or a kayak for the trip down to Creysse (6km, one hour), St. Sozy (10km, two hours) or go even further.  Although you are supposed to be drifting with the current,  the Dordogne can be very dozy in this stretch and you may have to paddle fairly hard to ensure you are in time for your minibus trip back.  As it winds its way past rocky crevasses and shady woodland, the river is both picturesque and peaceful. In the shallow, slow moving water, there is virtually no chance of capsizing unless you want to mess about. In any case, you are issued with lifejackets and you can hire a waterproof drum for your valuables. Costing about 15 euros for an adult for the two hour trip, canoeing on the Dordogne is very pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon.