Wednesday 20 August 2014

The city of Girona, Catalonia

Girona is a gem. The core of this charming Catalan city is an extraordinarily well-preserved and diverse medieval quarter on the east bank of the Riu Onyar. Stone steps and alleyways thread their way through the arresting ancient buildings climbing up the steep slopes to the lofty city walls. Wrought iron balconies, ornate lampposts and stone archways adorn the atmospheric old streets. There is an abundance of stylish shops, restaurants and bars on the tree-lined Rambla de Llibertat, the neighbouring streets and the tightly packed Jewish Quarter. Architecture buffs will admire the Catalan Gothic Cathedral, the nearby Esglesia de Sant Feliu and many other handsome remnants from the Middle Ages. Although you will spend much of your visit wandering around the Barri Vell, it also well worth crossing one of the footbridges to explore the nineteenth century Mercadel district and the nearby Parc de La Devesa with its towering plane trees. 9/10

The Rambla de Llibertat

Pujada de Sant Domenec

The Museu Arqueologia

The plane trees of the Parc de La Devesa