Saturday 23 April 2011

Roche de Mio restaurant, La Plagne, France

Built from wooden beams, in traditional Alpine style, this large, modern restaurant at the top of the Roche de Mio bubble lift has large sloping roofs, big windows and expansive views across to Mont Blanc from the large, sunny terrace. Inside, the walls are lined with a collection of vintage skis and other memorabilia. But the charm ends at the self-service, canteen counter, where the staff can be abrupt and hurried. Most of the fare is expensive junk food, but the portions are generous. You can get a greasy piece of chicken and a mountain of chips for 12 euros, for example. The daily specials, for 14 euros, can be better. The ravioli is made with seemingly fresh pasta served in a tasty, creamy sauce, topped with a heap of grated cheese, but another special is just a couple of bland, fat sausages served with bland pasta. Drinks are quite expensive, with a small beer costing 4 euros, but the prices reflect the fantastic views of majestic snowed-topped Alps towering over green valleys. As Roche de Mio is in the heart of the La Plagne ski area, there is a constant stream of skiers stopping for sustenance, but getting one of the many outdoor tables usually isn't a problem. This is quite a pleasant spot to linger, especially when there is dance music thumping out of the sound system, manned by a couple of grizzled DJs in sun glasses, swigging beer. The terrace is also a good vantage point from which to watch the rescue helicopter take-off and land. 7/10