Sunday 16 August 2009

Caliu Restaurant, Carrer d'Allada Vermell, Barcelona

One of several restaurant-bars with tables strewn around the quiet Carrer d'Allada Vermell, Caliu seems to attract mostly bohemian tourists looking to drink in the open air. The small wobbly tables are surrounded by a few wicker chairs and uncomfortable wooden stools. The peckish might fancy a bowl of a dozen fat green olives stuffed with anchovies (2.50 euros) or the mozzarella salad, which comes with some substantial slabs of cheese, small brown olives and slices of big juicy tomatoes, but it is pricey at 9 euros. If you need something bigger, you can try the gourmet dish (14 euros) - a plate of very tasty smoked salmon, serrano ham, hard cheese, and chorizo sausage. If you are on a budget, fill up on tomato and olive bread for 1.50 euros a plate or the warm, moreish tortilla at about 4 euros for a hefty slice. The drinks are also quite pricey with a 33cl beer costing about 3 euros and a 50 cl bottle of water, 2 euros. Sometimes there isn't enough waiters or waitresses to cover the tables and you may end up without enough plates to eat off. 6/10