Monday 24 August 2009

Albanya, Alt Empordà, Catalonia

Although Albanya itself is unremarkable, on a hot summer's day, it is worth walking a little way west along the road out of the village to a bridge over the river Muga. From here, you can take a steep path down to an idyllic spot with fine clear water for paddling and swimming, surrounded by picturesque rocks. You can then head back up the path and follow the road a little further to an open meadow, from where you will find another trail down to the river. On this lovely stretch of the Muga, if you are wearing suitable footwear, you can have a lot of fun paddling through the cool stream and scrambling across the rocks. Follow the riverside path a little further north west and you will soon find a well-trodden route down to another bathing spot where local campers cool off by wallowing in the small waterfalls and tame rapids. If you need refreshments, climb back up to the road and head for the camp site, complete with swimming pool, restaurant and ice cream stall. 8/10