Saturday 17 July 2021

Peckham Bazaar, Consort Road, South London

Specialising in fascinating Balkan fare, this restaurant rarely puts a foot wrong. The sumptuous and varied dishes - ranging from marinated octopus with new potatoes to sirloin kebab with Greek fava to pan-fried kourkoubines (pasta) with wild mushrooms and butternut squash - will have you waxing lyrical.  The multitude of flavours and textures make for a really satisfying and stimulating meal. But, take note, the dishes come in a random order whenever they are ready, so be prepared to share your choices with your fellow diners. And it is very easy to over order.  While the food is fairly priced, some of the wines and beers are a tad pricey for a neighbourhood restaurant. Still, the service is assured and there is a pleasant buzz, both indoors and on the covered patio.  For a relaxed meal with close friends and family, the Peckham Bazaar should be on the shortlist. 8/10