Saturday 8 July 2017

Hampton Court Flower Show, South West London

Although it is run by the distinguished Royal Horticultural Society, Hampton Court Flower Show feels quite commercial, with the generally small show gardens overwhelmed by the numerous stalls selling all kinds of garden paraphernalia. There are also numerous food and drink kiosks, but their fare is expensive and service can be agonisingly slow. Still, you should find some creative ideas and colourful planting, if you can battle your way through the crowds. The marquees, which can be very crowded on the Saturday of the event, are particularly wearing. Soon, you'll need to find a deck chair where you can soak up the sun and the free entertainment. The energetic live music performances make for a fun break from weaving your way through the hordes of middle aged and elderly visitors. And the setting, with the long lake and the distant backdrop of Hampton Court Palace, is undoubtedly picturesque.  Better still, you get to walk back to the station through Hampton Court Palace, which is a real bonus. Ironically, the palace's gardens are both more beautiful and in better condition than many of the temporary offerings at the Show.