Monday 28 August 2017

The South Rim, The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Although some sections of the South Rim can be mobbed in August and the heat can be intense, there are plenty of viewpoints where you can escape the crowds without hiking too far.  With a bit of local knowledge, you may even locate the secluded, but spectacular Shoshone Point, which has been set-aside for booked functions. When this area hasn't been reserved, you can park your car at the start of the Shoshone trail (off Desert View Drive) and hike a kilometre or so through the woods to a rocky spur protruding out into the canyon. Although there may be a handful of fellow visitors, you'll find the experience quite different to the hustle and bustle near the visitor centre and the shuttle bus routes.  If you suffer from vertigo, you might find the spur itself a bit scary, but it does offer sweeping 270 degree views of the awe-inspiring Arizona landscape.