Monday 28 August 2017

South Kaibab Trail, the Grand Canyon, Arizona

To get to the South Kaibab trailhead from the Grand Canyon visitor centre, you can catch a free shuttle bus or walk a mile or so east along the South Rim.  From the water point at the top, the rocky trail descends sharply, zig-zagging its way down, opening up a series of spectacular vantage points. In the middle of the day, there is little shade and you should bring plenty of fluids. As you descend, you'll get a new perspective on the great depth of the canyon and vertigo-sufferers might find some stretches a little daunting, particularly if you have to pass fellow hikers or even a mule train. The walk down to Oo-Aah Point is only a mile long and a descent of about 600 feet, but the climb back up is still a challenge at noon in August. You can descend further on to Cedar Ridge, Skeleton Point and even the Colorado River at the base of the canyon, but the National Parks Service maintains you shouldn't attempt the latter two on a summer day hike. 8/10

Ooh-Aah Point