Sunday 15 May 2016

Katy B at the Brixton Academy, South London

As she belts out high tempo dance tracks to an appreciative local crowd, Peckham-born Katy B knows how to put on a show.  Sometimes flanked by energetic gyrating dancers and bathed in a flashy light show, Kathleen Anne Brien cranks out her catchy hits, such as Lights On and Broken Record, with gusto. Although her own dancing isn't great, she keeps moving with enthusiasm through the short, sharp set. Kay B may perform for less than an hour, but the tickets aren't expensive. The ideal size for an atmospheric gig, the O2 Academy in Brixton has stalls with a sloping floor offering good vantage points from just about everywhere.  The surreal set, with classical balustrades and balconies above the stage, looks like something out of Romeo and Juliet. There are a few ledges to sit on, which is a good job because there can be a lengthy break between the succinct support acts and the main gig. The bars offer bog-standard wines and beers, such as Tuborg, at toppy prices. Although they are well-staffed, you might want to get a two pint plastic glass to cut down on the queuing. Katy B and Brixton Academy make for a good combo. 7/10