Friday 13 May 2016

Aparthotel Adagio Access Nice Acropolis, France

A kind of hybrid of a hotel and a block of self-catering apartments, the Aparthotel Adagio Access Nice Acropolis is a cheap and grim place to stay. The rooms are spacious, but they have harsh tiled floors and the extractor fans in the kitchenettes can be noisy and impossible to switch off. There is some basic air conditioning and the Wi-Fi works, but this stark establishment was furnished on a budget and the views from the windows tend to be dispiriting. You can get breakfast, but you'll probably find better value and better food at one of the local cafes or boulangeries. Still, there is a small roof-top pool and you will be staying slap bang next to the Acropolis conference centre if you happen to be in Nice on business. 5/10