Sunday 30 August 2015

Boqueria, Acre Lane, south London

Images from Boqueria's web site
With a lively and youthful vibe, the Brixton branch of Boqueria has buzz. It's downstairs room, with clean lines and big skylights, strikes the right balance between comfort and cool. But the tapas (around a fiver a dish) is hit and miss. The Spanish omelette may be overcooked, while the chorizo in cider lacks a kick and the king prawns may have been on dry land too long. The spinach in creamy cheese with pine nuts and raisins is better, while the broken eggs with chorizo, ham, cheese and potatoes (Huevos rotos con Jamón Ibérico y sobrasada) is delicious, if a tad unhealthy. The rosé wine can taste too much like sherry, while the service can be incoherent - the food might arrive before your drinks and you may have to remind the staff what you ordered. There are better places to eat in Brixton and Clapham. 6/10