Tuesday 11 August 2015

L'Idee, Place du Petit Marche, Beaugency, France

A fairly smart and slightly pretentious restaurant, L'Idee serves modern French cuisine in two dining rooms and on an outdoor terrace in a small square in the heart of Beaugency. In the evening, you can get an elaborate and beautifully-presented three course meal for less than 25 euros from a menu offering a couple of options per course. The starter might be duck pate, served with toast and salad, while your main might be a precisely-cooked fillet of white fish, served with a vegetable rice, and doused in a creamy sauce. The deserts are lavish and rich - one option is to sample three different chocolate creations. Although the food is a treat for the eyes and the stomach, the dishes can take an incredibly long time to arrive. On a busy summer evening, you may end up waiting almost an hour between your starter and your main course. That gives you plenty of time to admire the 19th century cast iron market hall next door. L'Idee is a place for a patient gourmet. 7/10