Sunday 12 July 2015

Luna Cinema, Morden Hall Park, south London

Although it is tucked away in the suburban sprawl of south west London, Morden Hall Park makes a fine venue for an outdoor cinema screening. On a summer's evening, it offers leafy tranquility and plenty of space. Moreover, you can park in the garden centre, which is near Morden Hall and the actual screen. If you enter the park by another entrance, you may have a bit of a trek. As it can be a long wait between the doors opening, when the best patches of grass are taken, and the beginning of the film, you should bring a picnic, as well as rugs and cushions to sit on. You might also need insect repellent.

There are a few games (such as a giant Jenga and chequers) to entertain you and a few freebies (chocolate brownies from Hilton DoubleTree), plus some food and drink stalls. You can also rent cushions and the like. Depending on the film, you might get quite a lively atmosphere - Dirty Dancing had many of the predominantly female audience on their feet swaying along to the eighties' anthems. With adult tickets costing £13 and children £9, the Luna Cinema isn't much most expensive than a regular trip to the movies. It can also be a bit less comfortable and a lot more memorable. 8/10