Thursday 15 August 2013

Vino e Pomodoro, Via P Pe Di Belmonte, Palermo, Sicily

One of several restaurants on this pleasant pedestrianised street in the heart of Palermo, Vino e Pomodoro's popularity makes it stand out. There are plenty of hotels in the vicinity and you may have to compete with other tourists for a table. With navy and white tablecloths, plastic flowers, funky chairs, with leaf-like patterns, and arty purple lighting, the mood is cool and contemporary inside and out. But service by the white shirted waiters is friendly and helpful. The extensive menu covers many of the Italian classic dishes, plus a bewildering array of pizzas (starting at 5 euros). They are typically thin, crispy and pretty good. One of the best (8 euros) comes with ricotta, spinach, fresh tomatoes and then has creamy cheese stuffed inside the turned-over rim (it is called a Calabrese on the menu).  There is also a generous and tasty focaccia della nonnina for about ten euros. You can get a bottle of smooth Sicilian white wine (Firriato Chiaramonte B) for 16 euros, while a big bottle of water costs three euros. Although there is a cover charge of 2 euros a head, you get a complementary glass of vaguely alcoholic fruit juice when you sit down. 7/10 

Pizza and focaccia della nonnina at Vino e Pomodoro