Thursday 15 August 2013

Maxim B&B, Via Stabile Mariano, Palermo, Sicily

A small, but stylish, hotel tucked away in the upper echelons of a block (marked hotels) near the edge of Palermo's historic centre, Maxim B&B is well placed for sight seeing and restaurants.  Although the
 lift is slow, cramped and claustrophobic, Maxim's small reception, breakfast room and bedrooms are tastefully decorated in soothing shades of brown. The safes are small and the WiFi only works in reception, but the in-room air con is excellent and the hotel is quiet and well sound-proofed. The family suite also has a very cool, multi-coloured lighting system in one of the bathrooms. Unfortunately, the air conditioning in the breakfast room, which is decorated with large clocks, may not be working and the water and excessively sweet fruit juices can be a bit warm. Still, the bread is varied and fresh (the ryebread is particularly tasty).  The buffet also includes run-of-the-mill ham and cheese, plus cereals, yoghurts, fruit and some cake. If you want a really cold drink, you'll find small bottles of water in the fridge in your room, but they cost 1.5 euros apiece. The English-speaking proprietor comes and goes and you may have to arrange a time to pay the bill in cash. You may also have to contact him in advance of your arrival to gain access to the hotel. Still, Maxim B&B offers a very good night's sleep in a convenient location. 7/10
Maxim B&B's breakfast room