Tuesday 8 January 2013

The Sun, Clapham Old Town, South London

An appealing pub in a handsome nineteenth century building in Clapham Old Town, the Sun has plenty of comfortable seats, big windows, white wood-pannelled walls, classical pillars and some impressive chandeliers. In the winter, the Sun's small back bar, with tiled walls and large leather sofas, is a cosy place for a pint. In the summer, the shaded and enclosed stone patio can be packed with lively and affluent locals. Not a budget option, the Sun has an eclectic selection of premium beers from around London and the world, including Meantime London pale ale (£4.55 a pint), Sambrook's Junction from Battersea (£3.85), Jamaica's Red Stripe (£4.35), the American wheat beer Blue Moon (£4.75) and Sharps Cornish Orchard Cide (£4.60) - a good place to try a new tipple. 7/10