Wednesday 3 October 2012

El Paso, Old Street, central London

A hybrid hang-out for high-tech hipsters in Hoxton, El Paso doubles as both a Tex-Mex cafe and a workplace, equipped with free Wi-Fi, abundant electric sockets, tables, desk-lamps and even lockers. The predominantly white decor, over two floors, is mostly stripped-back and minimalist, except for large stencils of revolvers, ten-gallon hats and cacti. And in one room the walls are decorated with zany, cartoon-style muriels. A fiery breakfast burrito containing chorizo, mushrooms, peppers, onions and chilli will set you back £6. You'll need the accompaying guacamole. If you want something less spicy, you can get a generous and delicious bacon sandwich in a granary baguette for about four and a half quid. The coffees are on the small side, but are pretty good and you get a glass of iced water. El Paso is a pleasant place to graze and work. 7/10