Thursday 16 August 2012

Can Miquel, Platja de Montgó, L'Escala, Catalonia

Moving gradually upmarket, this hotel restaurant now has comfortable wooden, steel-rimmed chairs on its terrace overlooking the picturesque Montgó beach and bay. You'll either need to arrive early or book to be sure of one of the tables in this prime spot. On the appetizing Mediterranean menu, the anchovies and tomato paste on bread is a good choice, but a tad pricey at nine euros a pop. Sometimes, the rich and salty sea food paella (about 15 euros a head) is excellent and plentiful. Other times, it is can be a bit burned on the base of the pan and a little stingy. The noodle equivalent, which comes without prawns, is very filling, but can also be a bit charred. The risottos can be good, but the portions are modest by Spanish standards.  If you drink enough Torres Vina Sol, a pleasant and refreshing white wine, you won't notice. Moreover, Can Miquel's chocolate fondant desert - a mix of warm cake, ice cream and biscuit - is mouthwatering. Service is assured and relaxed - you are under no pressure to vacate your table. 7/10