Tuesday 17 April 2012

Nederhütte, Familie R. Gamper Hütten Gurgl, Obergurgl, Austria

Probably the most popular mountain restaurant in Obergurgl, the Nederhütte knows exactly what it takes  to keep lots of skiers and boarders happy. If the sun is out, the terrace will be choc-a-bloc with diners, demarcated from the smokers' bar by its transparent circular walls. If it's snowing, the Nederhütte's all-wood interior is warm and welcoming. A small stage, complete with drum kit and microphones, is surrounded by scores of tables of varying sizes and heights.  Kitted out in leather jackets, the Nederhütte's young waiting staff are efficient, friendly and armed with wireless devices that take your order.

Really hungry
This is a slick operation. If you are hungry, but poor, the very salty, very meaty goulash soup is filling for under seven euros. It even includes a chopped-up frankfurter and comes with bread. You can also get a lot of tasty cured meat and salad for just 10 euros. But if you are really hungry, there is always the large plate of spare ribs, served with garlic bread and salad. It would be rude not to have a large beer (about 4.50 euros), but you can also get big jugs of water for free. When there isn't live music, soft rock will be playing on the sound system. You'll like this place. 8/10