Monday 16 April 2012

Krumpn’s Stadl, Schlossweg, Obergurgl, Austria

Although Krumpn's Stadl is probably one of the most authentic places to eat in the low-key ski resort of Obergurgl, it isn't the most welcoming establishment. The service can be surly and unsmiling. Worse still, smokers can light up whenever and wherever they feel like it. Even after you've ordered a round of drinks, the staff "aren't allowed" to serve tap water and a 750cl bottle of water will cost you almost five euros. Still, the atmospheric, rustic interior (all wood, adorned with aging artifacts) and the hearty food does make up for Krumpn’s Stadl's indifference. It serves a decent dish of "Viennese roast beef" (about 14 euros), topped with onions and swimming in gravy,  accompanied by sautéed potatoes and onions. Or you might prefer the very filling Tiroler Gröstl - a bubble and squeak-style dish of fried potatoes, fried egg and bacon bits, served in a metal pan, for around 10 euros. Vegetarians might struggle to finish the large, tasty dish of pasta flooded with a creamy cheese (about 9 euros). The kids' dishes are also generous and somewhat unhealthy - nippers can get a big plate of chips and chicken pieces in breadcrumbs for about 6 euros. 6/10