Friday 6 February 2009

Panorama restaurant, Promenade, Davos, Switzerland

The crass yellow, convenience-store facade belies the high quality and high prices of the food inside the sprawling Panorama restaurant. Head for the large room at the back with views across the terrace to the pine forests clinging to the mountains overlooking Davos. You can sink into a comfortable wicker chair at a table by a large window and wait for one of the slick white-shirted waiters to take your order. If you have 49 Swiss francs to spare, try the large portion of tender trout, served in a creamy cheese sauce, accompanied by some precisely-cooked spinach and a pile of skinny chips. The succulent and tasty fish falls off the fork. Wash it all down with a biggish bottle of sparkling mineral water for 6.5 Swiss francs. An expensive, but memorable, lunch. 7/10