Monday 9 February 2009

Bistro Angelo, Promenade, Davos, Switzerland

Unpretentious eatery-cum-bar housed in a bizarre L-shaped block of concrete, Bistro Angelo offers a selection of burgers and other snacks, plus some more substantial steaks. The pork steak at 28 Swiss francs, served with chips, is large, filling and juicy, while the drinkable pilsner beer is quite good value for Davos at 6.80 francs a pint. You can perch on one of the high wooden benches or find a more conventional and comfortable seat. The Bohemian staff are welcoming, while a clutch of regulars and vintage metal beer adverts, plastered all over the walls, lend Bistro Angelo some atmosphere. Downstairs is a more gritty bar where the hardcore smokers hang out.6/10