Friday 4 July 2008

Goodfellas Delicatessan, Lamb Conduit Street

At gaudy Goodfellas, you can load up a large plate from the buffet counter for just over a fiver or a smaller plate for a tad over four quid. The warm food might include an innocuous minced beef roll wrapped around a hard-boiled egg, small, but tasty roast potatoes and nicely-cooked broccoli in a creamy cheese sauce. Not a bad meal, but the food will likely be tepid. If you can find room, you can also add some finely-chopped salad into the mix. On a sunny lunchtime, aim for one of the four small metallic tables on this stylish street and watch the world go by. Alternatively, there is a window bar in the brash orange counter area, a basement room or a rudimentary backyard. 6/10