Saturday 26 July 2008

Easyjet, London Gatwick to Olbia, Sardinia

At seven o'clock on a Sunday morning, the queues at the Easyjet check-in counters and Gatwick South security can be surprisingly short, propelling you into the terminal's full-on shopping and eating arcades. Breakfast at the shiny new Pret a Manger is much better than Easyjet's limited on-board fare. The two-hour flight provides good views of Corsica's rocky terrain and the beaches and yachts shimmering seductively in the sun around the north-end of Sardinia. Olbia airport is light, airy and modern, but the sluggish passport control, often manned by one bored officer, is something of a throwback to another era. The car rental offices are all in one place next to Arrivals, but you might face another lengthy queue if you have hired a vehicle with one of the bigger brands. For the return leg, you can get through check-in and security pretty swiftly, giving you plenty of time to mingle with the rich and the beautiful holidaymakers wandering around Olbia airport's chic boutiques. Easyjet's turnaround schedule is so tight you might suffer a slight delay on either leg, but the airline is pretty good at keeping you informed. 7/10