Sunday 23 March 2008

Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Old Brompton Road, South Kensington, London

Another canteen-style restaurant wooing the burger aficionado. The plain decor is enlivened by red plastic tomatoes on each table and big black and white photos, including one of the All Blacks rugby team, on the walls. Grab a table and head to the counter to order one of the wide range of burgers. The chorizo burger (about £7), served with sweet potato and some salad in a large sesame seed bun, is spicy, rich and tasty, while the fat chips (about £2) are salty and succulent. Kids can choose one of the junior burgers (£4) - pui lentils, beef or chicken. The junior portions are large, but unhealthy and disappointing - the dry chicken is deep-fried and there is no salad. The drinks selection includes some fine fresh fruit juices (£2.50) and Coca-Cola in the 1950s' curvaceous bottles. The foreign staff are lively and friendly, but you can't book ahead and you may need to queue for a table. 7/10