Monday 18 February 2008

Navarra Restaurante, Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

With metallic tables and chairs, padded out with red cushions, carefully positioned on the pavement to catch the midday sun, Navarra is a great spot for people watching. A steady stream of chic shoppers walk past on their way to the nearby El Cortes Ingles department store on Placa De Catalunya. You may get plenty of time to survey the scene, as service at Navarra can be snail-like - the waiting staff can take 20 minutes just to rustle up a menu. Still, there is a good selection of seafood starters, such as grilled crayfish (10 euros before 7% tax) and grilled prawns. The main courses are mostly stock tourist favourites, such as seafood paella, duck confit (13 euros) and a large, juicy hamburger with a disappointingly thin and weak Roquefort sauce and salty chips (9 euros). Ice cold, but watery, San Miguel beer is available in sturdy litre or half litre (5 euros) glasses. Passable food, fine location. 7/10