Wednesday 1 August 2007

Restaurant Musiques, Setcases, Catalonia

This establishment dominates the quaint little square in the heart of the medieval village of Setcases, which is marred only by a couple of coin-operated rides for kids. Choose one of the outside tables in the square rather than those in the more dingy upstairs room and try to ignore the brusque proprietor who hangs around the doorway to the restaurant. And avoid the tapas. 'Patatas' for 3 Euros turned out to be 20 Pringles crisps in a bowl, while half a tin of pitted olives will also set you back 3 Euros. For 4.5 Euros you can get a limp green salad and 6 Euros will buy you a modest plate of cold meats. And you pay 7% tax on top of these prices! While the four-course menu (12 Euros) only has a couple of options for each course, it has to be better value than the tapas. To be on the safe side, just buy a beer and eat somewhere else. 4/10