Friday 12 April 2024

Lower Sloane Street, Central London


Dating from the 1880s, the ornate red brick mansion blocks of Lower Sloane Street were built in the Queen Anne Revival style, along with other blocks around Sloane Square.  A contemporary aptly noted “the frowning canyons of bilious red brick behind Sloane Street with their fantastic reliefs of satyrs’ heads, garlands, cherubs, Corinthian scrolling and coiling vines” that are features of this red brick aesthetic, according to the conservation area report. Many of the mansion flats on Lower Sloane Street have French windows with balconies at first floor level.

The conservation area report explains that mansion flats were imported from continental Europe and had their heyday in the UK between1880-1910. "Although flats, they provided high status accommodation with spacious apartments and rooms for servants," it adds. "At the time they were thought of as avant-garde and were popular with artists and writers."