Monday 16 August 2021

Walk from Kardamyli towards the Vyros Gorge, The Peloponnese, Greece

From old Kardamyli, a surprisingly broad stone path climbs steeply up into the hills and towards the Vyros Gorge. After some fairly strenuous hiking, you'll reach a flattish stretch that runs along the edge of the gorge. From this path, you can cut back up a short sharp climb up to the brooding stone church of Agia Sophia, which sits on a high rocky outcrop with views over the coastline. When you return to the gorge itself, you should be able to make out the sixteenth century monastery of Lykaki, surrounded by cypress trees, in the distance. In the height of summer, when there is no water in the gorge and relatively little shade, this flat stretch might be as far as you get before heading back to Kardamyli. But even in August, the countryside is green enough and dramatic enough to make this a very rewarding walk.