Monday 24 September 2018

Fort Canning Park, Singapore

A surprisingly hilly and varied green space in the heart of Singapore, Fort Canning Park evokes the city-state's history as a strategic bastion of the British empire. Although there isn't a great deal of the mid-nineteenth century fort left to see, there are some evocative remnants, including a battered gateway, that will have you reaching for your guide book. If you came empty-handed, the walkways are dotted with signs outlining the story of Singapore.  The fort witnessed the British surrender of the city to the Japanese in February 1942. The park's extraordinary gnarled and charismatic trees are another good reason to visit. It's just a shame that Fort Canning's hilltop reservoir is obscured by security fencing and an eponymous luxury hotel now occupies the former administration building of British Far East Command HQ.