Saturday 19 August 2017

Walk up to Nevada Fall, Yosemite, California

The popular and steep Mist Trail up to Nevada Fall makes for a memorable hike, taking in some majestic scenery. On route, you'll pass massive boulders strewn across the mountainside, clamber up spray-soaked steps and gape at the ever-present rainbows. Taking in two spectacular waterfalls, as well as various picturesque pools and footbridges, the Mist Trail is aptly named.  Although the initial path to Venal Fall can get crowded, particularly in the afternoons, the numbers thin out as you embark on the second stage up to the crest of Nevada Fall. There are broad sweeping views from the top and plenty of stone slabs on which to sit and rest your weary legs. You can take the gentler, but longer, John Muir Trail back to the valley floor. After offering fresh vantage points of Nevada Fall and the mighty granite cliffs, this quieter trail follows a series of switch-backs down through the forest. Although the Mist Trail to the top of Nevada Falls is about 2.5 miles, the John Muir Trail back is four miles. During the course of the hike, you'll ascend and then descend 610 metres, so carry plenty of water and allow plenty of hours. But you'll enjoy almost every minute. 9/10