Thursday 17 August 2017

The Italian Homemade Company, Union Street, San Francisco, California

A buzzy eatery swarming with twentysomethings, the Italian Homemade Company sells a selection of stock pasta dishes, salads and hot sandwiches for between 10 and 13 bucks. You place your order via an iPad, which asks you for a tip before you have even been served, and then hope you can find a place to sit. If you can secure a table, you'll find the pasta is fresh and tasty, while the sauces and accompaniments are generous, if a tad salty. You shouldn't go away hungry. The meatballs with Piadina flatbread ($13), for example, is a big plate of food.  This isn't fine dining, but the Italian Homemade Company works well for families with ravenous teenagers. 7/10