Monday 17 April 2017

Walking the Rouvas Gorge, Crete

You can hike the Rouvas Gorge trail by following the black arrows from Eleonas Country Village.   Climbing upwards, the rugged route criss-crosses a largely dry riverbed flanked by steep hillsides.  In the early stages, you might encounter some docile goats. Although the base of the gorge is lush with shrubs and tress, the surrounding hillsides are rocky and harsh. Still, the views back down the valley and to the mountains beyond are impressive. After about four or five kilometres, the route requires you to clamber over some boulders and up towards a charming wooden bridge. You could turn round here or push on towards the Rouvas Forest, which is reputed to have ancient oak trees, but you'll probably need most of the day to make the return trip. Alternatively, you can drive to a point half way up the gorge and start the walk from there.