Saturday 25 March 2017

Seb'on, rue d'Orsel, Paris

An intimate and well-regarded French restaurant with just seven or eight tables, Seb'on is a two-man band - one in the kitchen and one waiting on tables. Unsurprisingly, the menu is short with just a handful of choices for each course, but the food is expertly prepared and beautifully presented. Although the portions are modest, the prices are reasonable for top-notch cooking - a foie gras starter, for example, is €16, while a meaty main course is around €25. However,  the wine comes in small glasses and can be a hit and miss affair for the uninformed. You might find the Vallee du Rhone Domaine (€7 a glass) coarse, but the Bourgogne Les Grandes Ter (also €7) is better. A one litre bottle of San Pellegrino is a whopping €6, while a cafe au lait is €3.5. Although the service is generally good, the waiter can show signs of irritation if you make any special requests. 7/10