Sunday 26 March 2017

Le Basilic, Rue Lepic, Paris

  • Popular with locals and tourists alike, Le Basilic is a traditional and cramped Gallic restaurant on the slopes of Montmartre. Inside the timber-framed building, the ambiance and decor are old-school bistro: cream tablecloths and leather books on laced-lined shelves. If you haven't booked, you may have to queue in a tight space beside the door, but the waiters are very efficient and convivial. They lift tables around to help you squeeze into a berth  The three-course €29 Pleasure Menu seems to be the main draw. For each course, you can select from five fairly conventional dishes. To start, the herring, served with potatoes, is fresh and delicious. Among the mains, the duck leg with olive tagliatelle isn't quite as good, but is generous and filling. For desert, the chocolate mousse works well unless you have a very sweet tooth. The glasses of wine seem to be larger than billed and good value: the smooth CĂ´tes de Bordeaux (€4.3 a glass) is very drinkable. Le Basilic is a tight ship that hasn't succumbed to the temptation to only pursue the ample tourist trade in this part of town. 7/10