Friday 12 August 2016

Canyoning on the Cetina River, Croatia

Parts of the Cetina River are tailored made for canyoning, which involves clambering over rocks, floating down waterways on your back and jumping into pools. Only a few kilometres inland, in the village of Zadvarje, you can hire a wet suit and life-jacket and recruit a guide. Once you have made the steep (rope-assisted) descent into the 180 metre-deep canyon, the guide will take you on a testing or traumatic route downstream depending on whether you have chosen the standard option or the extreme option. In the summer, you won't be the only group of tourists making the trip. Although there is plenty of space on most stretches, you may find yourself queuing for some of the rock jumps. At one point, you need to work your way round a 50 metre waterfall (Velika Gubavica) by stumbling through a dark tunnel cut into the side of the canyon. Towards the end, the bold can make some very high jumps (up to 10 metres) into deep rock pools. Although the route is only a few kilometres long, it can take a large group several hours to navigate the full course. Even in summer, the water is cold and clear.  You can hire canyoning shoes, but your trainers should have just enough traction. Note you'll need bare hands to help your grip on to the rocks, but you may find you shave some skin off your finger tips. All in all,  this is an exhausting and exhilarating adventure. 8/10