Sunday 4 October 2015

Oulton House Farm, Norbury, Stafford,Staffordshire

Surrounded by lush rolling green countryside, Oulton House Farm is a cluster of single-storey and double-storey converted barns capable of housing 30 or so people. The site, which still has a handsome Victorian farmhouse, is a tad isolated. But you can walk into the village of Norbury and the nearby Shropshire Union Canal. Although the barns appear to have been furnished quite recently, they have been kitted out on a tight budget. You may find the double beds narrow and short, while the mattresses can sag. The windows won't open very far and the rooms can get stuffy. Still, each house has a spacious kitchen and large lounge, complete with WiFi, big sofas, armchairs and television. In the grounds, there is a slightly dilapidated tarmac tennis court, a table tennis table, and a games room with a pool table, as well as trikes and other stuff for the kids to mess about on. At the back is an enclosed paddock with a football goal and a trampoline - active families will like Oulton House Farm. 7/10