Saturday 1 August 2015

The Relais de Castelnau, Loubressac, the Lot, France

The Relais de Castelnau hasn't made the best of its enviable location. Although all the bedrooms boast captivating views north east across the lush countryside in the La Bave valley, the hotel has the air of a tired mid-market chain that you might find on the outskirts of a big city. Moreover, the swimming pool is cramped, while the tables on the terrace have to be tightly packed to accommodate the scores of guests at breakfast or dinner.  The rooms are also compact and have been furnished on a tight budget, while the WiFi is patchy. Still, you will get a fridge and there is a tennis court.  In the morning, you might have to weave your way though coach loads of pensioners to get to the passable breakfast buffet. Given the commanding view from its location on the edge of a picturesque village, the Relais de Castelnau probably should have gone upmarket, building spacious rooms with balconies, rather than trying to cram in lots of punters. 6/10