Friday 31 July 2015

Restaurant of Hotel Le Troubadour, Belveyre, near Rocamadour, France

If the weather is good,  Hotel Le Troubadour serves dinner outside on a very pleasant outdoor terrace surrounded by well tended gardens. You sit in comfortable wicker chairs at sturdy round tables with the old farmhouse as a backdrop. The set menu offers a choice of four or five dishes for each of the three courses. To start, the precisely poached egg on French bread tastes good, while the goats cheese with a well-dressed salad is also delicious. Among the main courses, the cassoulet (containing bacon, sausage, goose and white beans) is rich, liquid and full of fine flavours, while the veal can be a bit dry and less impressive. For desert, the lemon meringue pie hits the sweet spot or you might prefer the mouthwatering warm goats cheese on bread, served with local walnuts. You can enjoy a respectable bottle of local red wine for 17 euros, while the table water is cold and the bread is fresh. Serving mostly fine food in a fine setting, Hotel Le Troubadour's restaurant is a good place to dine. 8/10