Wednesday 29 July 2015

La Vieille Auberge, Souillac, The Dordogne, France

Well situated near the heart of the attractive old town of Souillac, La Vieille Auberge is a traditional French hotel with half-a-dozen rooms and a fine restaurant.  Although the rooms have en-suite bathrooms and have recently been refurbished, they are still fairly basic, lack air conditioning and can get very warm. There are ceiling fans, but they are pretty noisy. The bedrooms are reached by a tired old staircase and are flanked by communal toilets and service rooms, including one marked "lingerie". Still, the rooms have small fridges, the WiFi works quite well and there is a garage in which to park your car (seven euros a night) or secure your bike. Moreover, La Vieille Auberge does a decent, albeit continental (read cold), buffet breakfast, featuring respectable coffee, cheeses and meats, plus an appealing fruit salad and excellent pastries. 7/10