Friday 4 July 2014

The Tramshed, Rivington Street, central London

With a spectacular and spacious dining room,  The Tramshed is a destination restaurant housed in a grade-II listed electricity generating facility built for the tramway system in 1905. The enormous vaulted ceiling, the thousands of tiles and the industrial ambiance is something special, but it is all overshadowed by a Damien Hirst installation consisting of a stuffed cockerel standing on top of a stuffed cow transfixed in an embalming tank on a plinth. Unsurprisingly then, the Tramshed's menu is dominated by meat. For a lightish lunch, the cock and bull is a decent option. It's a steak and chicken, salad and mayo, ciabatta, sandwich served with a dozen chips, for about a tenner.  It is moist and tasty, but not that generous. The (very) garlic mushrooms, which are delicious, make a great accompaniment. If you are ravenous, you can get a whole roast chicken (presumably to share) carved up at your table. In the men's loos, you are overlooked by a picture of a semi-naked woman, which, unnervingly, starts to move after a few seconds. You won't forget this place. 8/10