Wednesday 23 April 2014

Cilantro, Bishopsgate, central London

Although it is surrounded by the gleaming glass and steel towers of the well-heeled financial services industry, Cilantro touts hot food at very low prices. The cafe itself doesn't seem to have a name on its facade, but it is in the base of the Broadgate Tower alongside competing eateries. As well as a selection of standard Italian dishes, you can get an English breakfast with okay coffee for about six quid. While the bacon, sausages and toast are appealing enough, the fried eggs can be over-cooked. You also get baked beans and it is undoubtedly good value. Although Cilantro is clean and the service is friendly, the crass interior could do with a revamp. The dappled table tops and mock wooden panels are out of tune with the bight red walls and pastel furniture. 6/10

Cilantro's crude dccor

Cilantro's English breakfast (without baked beans)