Tuesday 27 August 2013

Pizzeria Ristorante La Contea, Via Clemente Grimaldi, Modica, Sicily

One of the most popular restaurants in Modica, Pizzeria Ristorante La Contea has dozens of tables in the ancient alleyways just off the main drag. Although these backstreets aren't well lit, the large numbers of diners generates a welcoming buzz. Get here early because service can be slow, sporadic and mistaken-ridden (the staff may confuse orders between different tables). Even though you pay a cover charge of 2 euros a head, your table might not get any bread. But the waiters are friendly and relaxed, given the large number of diners they have to cope with: There is also a warren of rooms inside. Moreover, the food is excellent. The dishes are made using really fresh ingredients, including succulent pasta, while the pizza bases are thin, crispy and delicious. The chicken, ricotta and pistachio pizza (7 euros) is superb, while the taglieri (thin strips of pasta) frutti di mare (9 euros) is loaded with seafood, including a chunky king prawn and some decent mussels. The house red wine is just about drinkable and is very cheap at 3 euros for a half litre. Water is almost as expensive at 2.5 euros a bottle. You'll enjoy eating here. 8/10