Monday 21 October 2013

Back on the Beach, Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica

If you have cycled up The Strand from Redondo Beach, Back on the Beach makes a good pit stop before the return ride. It is a large clapboard cafe with outdoor tables intruding on to the massive expanse of sand, so you can watch the cyclists cruising past. But you can't just sit down - you have to go round to the front of the cafe and speak to the underworked receptionists. The waiters are busier, filling your cup up with the passable filter coffee ($2.75). On the breakfast menu, the Spanish omelette ($11.75 before tax and tip), served with squidgy potatoes, and some kind of sweet pancake, is a bit soggy and doesn't have much flavour. It comes on a plastic plate and can be disappointing. Still, this is a fine place to kick back and soak up some Californian beach vibe. 7/10