Friday 16 August 2013

Ristorante Tiramisù, Via Cappuccini, Taormina, Sicily

Don't be put off by the naff name, Tiramisù is a polished operation selling good food. Away from the main drag of this busy holiday resort, it can be tricky to find. But in August that doesn't stop the "in-the-know" tourists piling in from about 8pm and there is soon a queue and the large garden and the smaller terrace are both buzzing. You sit on smart wicker chairs and eat off heavyweight cream tablecloths. The water is San Pellegrino, no less, while the fresh, tasty bread rolls (cover charge 2 euros a head) are accompanied by bread sticks covered in sesame seeds. Although a 40cl glass of Moretti beer is more than six euros, the thin and crispy pizzas are a bargain at between five and ten euros - the toppings are generous and delicious. The calzone is packed with mushrooms, as well as the customary cheese and ham, while the tagliatelle, with fresh king prawns and tomato, really tastes of the sea (in a good way). The linguini, with mint, mussels and zucchini, is also very good with fine, fresh ingredients. Although the service by the black-shirted waiters can be a bit brusque, Tiramisù must be one of the better places to eat in touristy Taormina. 8/10