Monday 26 August 2013

Osteria dei Sapori Perduti, Corso Umberto, Modica, Sicily

As you walk down Corso Umberto in the evening, there can be quite a buzz from the diners packed into the dozens of tables outside Osteria dei Sapori Perduti. This lively trattoria has waiting staff in smart white shirts and black waistcoats weaving their way round the distinctive chequered tablecloths, while more casually-dressed staff take orders and the owner prowls around in a proprietary manner. The book-like menu is packed with photos and explanatory text. It is meat-orientated and the portions are generous. The house antipasti (7.8 euros) includes fried rice balls, lasagne, excellent creamy ricotta with bread, aubergine, bruschetta, sausages, hard boiled eggs, olives and other tasty morsels - if you order two, it is quite a spread. Among the main courses, the veal stew (7.3 euros) is rich and hearty, while the pork has a liquorice flavour, which might be a little strong for kids. Be sure to order the moreish patati cunzati (4.5 euros), a sicilian dish of thinly-sliced fried potatoes with onions, olives, capers and vinegar.  The local white wine in a carafe is pretty good for 3.2 euros, while the cover charge is a reasonable 2 euros a head. You will probably need go inside the sprawling and grand palazzo to pay. If you are hungry and like hearty Sicilian food, Osteria dei Sapori Perduti is the place to come. 8/10

Two portions of the impressive antipasti

Osteria dei Sapori Perduti