Wednesday 28 August 2013

Modica, Sicily

Taking over Corso Umberto, Modica's occasional curio market is packed with collectible knick-knacks, books and paintings.

Aside from doing a roaring trade in the local crunchy chocolate, Modica is a pleasingly relaxed and uncommercial town that still caters largely for locals, rather than tourists. Yet this Unesco World Heritage site is awash with ancient alleyways, steep stone steps, grand palazzos and decent restaurants tumbling up and down its slopes.  On a Saturday evening, rather than hiking up through the maze of streets, you can take a tour in a tiny old Fiat Cinquecento. If you are in Sicily, try and get to Modica. 9/10 

An aerial view of Modica's historic Corso Umberto from the viewpoint high up near the handsome San Giovanni Evangelista - one of three stunning Baroque churches in this likeable place. 

One of the extraordinary Baroque balconies to be found in Modica
The past three hundred years have barely touch Modica's Baroque centre

The golden stone of Modica's timeworn public buildings gleams in the sunlight