Friday 23 August 2013

Beach of the Randello Forest Reserve, near Punta Bracetta, Sicily

It is well worth seeking out the 3km tract of fine sand in front of the Randello Forest Reserve.  You can leave your car in one of two small, but smart, free car parks, just off the SP85. From here, you walk for about half a mile along an expensively-paved road through the eucalyptus, pine and myrtle woods, past empty picnic tables and showers, and down towards the beach. Although there is a lot of flotsam and jetsam in the substantial dunes, most of the beach is clean and the fawn sand is very comfortable. Even on a sunny day in August, the middle stretch of the beach is largely devoid of people. The sea is shallow, but there can be enough waves to keep the kids amused. A rare beast, Randello is a pleasingly empty and spacious Mediterranean beach. 8/10

The smart walkway leading down to the beach of the Randello Forest Reserve
The threat of rain leaves Randello beach almost empty