Friday 17 May 2013

Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar, Kungsgatan, Stockholm

Images from the web site of the Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar

If you want an unpretentious place to refuel in Stockholm, the Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar is not a bad bet. However, this restaurant is too big to be cosy and the contemporary decor, featuring stencils of cattle in the style of cave-paintings, is a little harsh. The TV above the bar is likely to be showing a football match. The shiny plastic menus adorned with photos of the dishes are a little off-putting.  The menus explain the different cuts of beef, but the steak choices are limited to "beef, sirloin and tenderloin".  Incongruously, the Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar also touts pizzas, pasta, salads and other bog-standard fare. Still, the food is okay and not bad value by Stockholm standards - pizzas are less than 100 krona (10 pounds). If you want to push the boat out, go for the tenderloin steak (200g for 289 krona). You get two chunky, juicy steaks (each about the size of a fist), served with respectable chips, garlic mayonnaise, corn on the cob, pitta bread and coleslaw - there is almost too much on the plate. Drink options include the local Falcon beer (49 krona for 50cl), which has some bite, and more famous international lagers, together with a short wine list.  The young staff, dressed in shirts and ties, are patient and helpful. 6/10